Confidence Re-imagined

Next Gen Self Defense

Combat Fundamentals

Program Designed For: Beginners 16 years+
Learn and Test: 45 techniques
Program Length: 12-24 months

A complete self-defense system designed for the beginner. This program exposes the student to all facets of combat: striking, kicking, and grappling. Once certified, the student will be capable of controlling a much larger and stronger attacker.

What will you learn?

  • How to fight.

  • To control a larger and stronger person.

  • Defensive fighting.

  • The self-defense mindset.

  • Joint locks, chokes, pinning techniques, and more.


When ready the student will schedule a day to test for certification (approximately 2hrs) and pay a $50 testing fee. To pass, the student must achieve a score no less than 90%. In the unlikely event the student scores below passing, they must wait at least 7 days to re-test. Upon successful completion, the student will receive an official NextGen Combat Fundamentals Self Defense certificate. The following are the 10 focus areas of the NextGen Combat Fundamentals certification:



Choking assaults are prevalent. As part of the choke-oriented curriculum, the student will learn to escape and apply various chokes as a means of controlling and stopping an assault.


One of the challenges to victory in a fight is finding ways to control a stronger and larger combatant. Our Combat Fundamentals program solves this problem.


Headlocks can be deadly dangerous components of a fight. The four lessons covering headlock escapes are thorough and easy to learn. The fear of being trapped in a headlock by an angry person will soon become a distant memory.


Joint manipulation is an essential aspect of any useful self-defense system. Through the application of various joint locks taught in this system, the student will learn to easily control strong aggressive individuals. 


As an introduction to our more advanced Officer Safety program, this class introduces the student to one of many weapon disarming techniques that comprise the Officer Safety program.


With a heavy attacker mounted on you, quickly employing effective counters can prove lifesaving. The mount escape series will teach the student several time-tested ways of escaping the bottom of the mount.


Understanding the principles of leverage and off-balancing is most important in grounding and controlling an opponent.


These courses further build the robust self-defense foundation necessary in developing a well-rounded martial artist. In this section of the course, the student will learn defensive and offensive techniques of Western Boxing, Kenpo Karate, and Dirty Boxing.

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