Women’s Self Defense Certificate

Program Designed For: Girls and Women 13 years or older
Learn and Test: 45 techniques
Program Length: 3-6 months (if training at least 2 times weekly)

The NextGen Women’s Self Defense certificate is an in-depth program composed of 45 -techniques, designed to teach women to defeat or escape the clutches of a much stronger male attacker with intelligent tactics. The techniques derive from a broad spectrum of martial arts: western boxing, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of this certification program, the student will:

  • Be able to control a stronger man
  • Be able to stop a violent man
  • Adopt a self-defense mindset
  • Have more confidence
  • Safely escape the clutches of an angry man


The program takes about 3-6 months to complete, depending on the frequency of the student’s in-class training and home drills. When ready, the student will schedule a day to test for certification (approximately 2hrs) and pay a $30 testing fee. To pass, the student must achieve a score no less than 90%. Each critical mistake results in a 1-point deduction. In the unlikely event the student scores below passing, she must wait at least 7 days to re-test. Upon successful completion, the student will receive an official NextGen Women’s Self Defense Certificate. The following are the 10 focus areas of the NextGen Women’s Self Defense certification curriculum:


Rape Defenses (6)

Sexual violence is common; 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this class, you will learn escapes and counter measures for various rape attacks.

Kidnap Defenses (2)

Kidnapping and human trafficking is a heart-wrenching reality in the United States and abroad. According to the FBI, in 2018 there were 424,066 NCIC entries for missing children. A study from the United Nations’ International Labor Organization estimated 3.8 million adults and 1 million children were victims of forced sexual exploitation in 2016 around the world, according to USA Today. The kidnapping defense curriculum teach intelligent tactics, in preventing someone from overpowering and forcibly taking a woman against her will, despite how strong her attacker is.

Bear Hug Escapes (2)

If you are afraid of being grabbed and controlled, this class is perfect for you! You will learn to escape all forms of bearhugs, with relative ease. Come gain peace of mind by learning practical counters to a very common attack.

Choke Escapes & Attacks (3)

Choking assaults are very widespread, particularly against women and girls. As part of the choking curriculum, the student will learn to escape various chokes. She will also learn to apply various chokes, in an offensive manner, as a means of controlling and stopping her attacker.

Large Attacker Controls (8)

One of the keys to victory in an assault is learning realistic methods of controlling a much larger and stronger attacker. Our NextGen Women’s Self Defense Certificate Courses dramatically increase the odds of your safe escape and survival, through the application of principles taught in the eight classes on large-attacker-control concepts.

Headlock Escapes (4)

Headlocks are prevalent and dangerous forms of attacks against women. The four lessons covering headlock escapes are comprehensive and easy to learn. The threat and fear of being trapped in a headlock by a stronger person, with no means of escape, will soon become a distant memory.

Arm Locks (3)

Joint manipulation is an essential aspect of any useful self-defense program. Through the application of various arm locks taught in this system, the student will learn to stop a strong violent person.

Mount Escapes (5)

With a heavy attacker mounted on top of you (sitting across your belly) with the objective of punching or choking you unconscious, having highly effective counters can prove lifesaving. The mount escape lectures will teach the student five time-tested ways of escaping being mounted on by someone much heavier  

Takedowns (4)

Understanding the principles of leverage and off-balancing is most important in grounding a powerful attacker, thereby eliminating or controlling his threat  

Combat Extras (8)

These courses further cover a broad spectrum of essential features of self-defense necessary in developing a well-rounded martial artist. In this section of the course, the student will learn foundational defensive and offensive techniques of Western Boxing, Kenpo Karate, Dirty Boxing, and more.

These courses further cover a broad spectrum of essential features of self-defense necessary in developing a well-rounded martial artist. In this section of the course, the student will learn foundational defensive and offensive techniques of Western Boxing, Kenpo Karate, Dirty Boxing, and more.


      Next Gen Self Defense is a great place to get self defense training. Whatever skill level you're at, you will learn something new here. Coach Sean knows MMA and been in numerous real life hand to hand combat situations as a peace officer. Sean is very skilled in self defense and great at teaching

    thumb David L.

Empower yourself

Martial arts may be intimidating, but we want you to experience firsthand how empowering it can be. Start by taking advantage of one free 60 minute lesson, with no obligations, and leave with 2-4 techniques that can someday save your life.


This price table shows the price per person for a 60 min session. Please contact us for special large group seminar rates.

NextGen Academy Private1-on-1 Small Group2-6 people
Pay as you go 50 30
Pack of 4 sessions 16040 per class 10025 per class
Pack of 8 sessions 24030 per classBest Value 16020 per classBest Value
In-Home Training Private1-on-1 Small Group2-6 people
Pay as you go 75 40
Pack of 4 sessions 26065 per class 14035 per class
Pack of 8 sessions 44055 per classBest Value 24030 per classBest Value

Class Attire

  • Barefoot training on mats
  • Physical contact between participants
  • Wear athletic attire (gym/sports clothes)
  • Women: tie hair up
  • Men: use protective cup
  • No belts, buttons or zippers on clothing
  • Use mouth guard 
  • Don’t wear jewelry or earrings


Is this program good for me if I have no martial arts or fighting experience?

Yes, these classes are designed for beginners and assume no martial arts training. However, if needed, the private and small group sessions can also be customized to varying ranges of marital arts training

What is the certification?

The certification process is a 2 hour hands-on test where the instructor will role-play different attack scenarios, testing the student’s reflexive responses, using techniques learned in the class. 90% is passing. In the rare and unfortunate event of a failed test, the student must wait at least 7 days to retest. The certification fee is $30.
An official NextGen Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.

Why is the program length a range of time?

People come in with varying levels of martial arts training and athleticism and practice more or less often, so a range of time is more accurate than a set number of sessions. Private sessions are also catered to the client and his/her specific needs.