Fitness Conditioning Program

Program Designed For: 13 years+

Looking to lose weight, increase your overall strength, conditioning, and flexibility? Fit-For-the-Fight is the signature NextGen fitness program. The program is formulated around strength, conditioning, and stretching techniques used by elite fighters. Train like an MMA fighter! Learn the power of natural food and meal planning.

What will you learn?

  • Lose weight
  • Increase strength
  • Increase confidence
  • Have the conditioning of a fighter
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Understand the power of nutrition
  • Improve coordination and balance


      Next Gen Self Defense is a great place to get self defense training. Whatever skill level you're at, you will learn something new here. Coach Sean knows MMA and been in numerous real life hand to hand combat situations as a peace officer. Sean is very skilled in self defense and great at teaching

    thumb David L.

Empower yourself

Martial arts may be intimidating, but we want you to experience firsthand how empowering it can be. Start by taking advantage of one free 60 minute lesson, with no obligations, and leave with 2-4 techniques that can someday save your life.


This price table shows the price per person for a 60 min session. Please contact us for special large group seminar rates.

NextGen Academy Private1-on-1 Small Group2-6 people
Pay as you go 50 30
Pack of 4 sessions 16040 per class 10025 per class
Pack of 8 sessions 24030 per classBest Value 16020 per classBest Value
In-Home Training Private1-on-1 Small Group2-6 people
Pay as you go 75 40
Pack of 4 sessions 26065 per class 14035 per class
Pack of 8 sessions 44055 per classBest Value 24030 per classBest Value

Class Attire

  • Barefoot training on mats
  • Physical contact between participants
  • Wear athletic attire (gym/sports clothes)
  • Women: tie hair up
  • Men: use protective cup
  • No belts, buttons or zippers on clothing
  • Use mouth guard 
  • Don’t wear jewelry or earrings


Is this program good for me if I have no martial arts or fighting experience?

Yes, these classes are designed for beginners and assume no martial arts training. However, if needed, the private and small group sessions can also be customized to varying ranges of marital arts training

What is the certification?

The certification process is a 2 hour hands-on test where the instructor will role-play different attack scenarios, testing the student’s reflexive responses, using techniques learned in the class. 90% is passing. In the rare and unfortunate event of a failed test, the student must wait at least 7 days to retest. The certification fee is $30.
An official NextGen Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.

Why is the program length a range of time?

People come in with varying levels of martial arts training and athleticism and practice more or less often, so a range of time is more accurate than a set number of sessions. Private sessions are also catered to the client and his/her specific needs.