When I coach, I get the unique opportunity to see students grow in confidence and strengthen their practical skills and reflexes week after week. My purpose comes from knowing that the adaptive techniques and body mechanics they practice in class can protect and empower them for the rest of their lives.

I would love to hear what your motivation is to learn practical self-defense and prevention tactics as well as any concerns or hesitations you may have.  I’m more than happy to answer your questions and/or schedule training classes to start.

I also offer one free 60-minute session to introduce you to several practical techniques that can be used right away.

Coach Sean Scarbrough
Call/Text (323) 395-3469
2 Enterprise Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


    How do I know you’re not a creep?

    I’m a seasoned law enforcement vet for LA County. The majority of my clients are women, and they have felt both comfortable and empowered enough to refer many more female clients. I have male, female, teenage, and elderly clients, and what I’m most passionate about is empowering someone that might feel helpless, to know that there are easy to learn manuevers that allow a small person to achieve victory over a much stronger attacker.

    Is your training facility a public gym?

    The current training in Aliso Viejo is conducted in a private residence with mat padding on the ground and on the walls. It gives us the padding support we need for drills with enough space to practice the techniques.

    Because of the low overhead, I am able to pass on those savings to you so that private classes with me are much lower than having a private personal trainer. A bonus is that while you’re being active, you’re also learning a life-saving skill to protect yourself.

    When are your group classes?

    I don’t have regularly scheduled classes, and any group classes are a 2-6 person group arranged by the client at a time convenient for the client. .