Discover how to defend yourself in any situation.

Learn practical techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our training is composed of hand-to-hand combat that is extremely practical against a larger and stronger attacker. Some of our more specialized programs include weapon disarming (knife, gun, and blunt objects), and active shooter response tactics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire confidence in men, women, and teens through martial arts. Equip members of our school with a practical self-defense system. Since 2017, the Next Generation Self Defense school has been dedicated to addressing violent personal attacks and active shooter incidents by providing intelligent prevention and response tactics.

Select a Program

These classes are designed for beginners and can be customized to varying ranges of marital arts training. In addition to private and small group coaching, we host workshops and seminars. Contact us today to start this life-changing journey!

Private and Small Group Training

Large Group Seminars/Trainings

Empower yourself

Martial arts may be intimidating, but we want you to experience firsthand how empowering it can be. Start by taking advantage of one free 60 minute lesson, with no obligations, and leave with 2-4 techniques that can someday save your life.

Students say:

      Next Gen Self Defense is a great place to get self defense training. Whatever skill level you're at, you will learn something new here. Coach Sean knows MMA and been in numerous real life hand to hand combat situations as a peace officer. Sean is very skilled in self defense and great at teaching

    thumb David L.